Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I miss you, Grandpa Hollywood

Ten years ago today, my Grandpa Hollywood passed away.

He was the only Grandpa I ever had, and his grandchildren were his life. (Here he is with his brood. He is in green. I am the one curtsying - it's my signature move.)

When we lived in Los Angeles and both my parents worked, my grandparents cared for us. 

He was my buddy. 

My Grandmother likes to tell the story of how he never liked for anyone to touch his hair. One day, she walked into the living room and found my sister and I giving Grandpa a makeover. We had bows and clips in his hair, and we were getting ready to make-up his face. He was simply sitting there - patiently and enjoyably. Because it was his granddaughters, he didn't mind one bit that we were playing with his hair. 

I'll never forget how my Grandpa smelled. He had very oily skin, and it gave off a slight odor. Not a bad odor - a man odor. And he drank beer. So often I would hug him and smell the oily skin, beer drinkin' combo. I can't wait to smell him again when I get to Heaven. (This picture was taken shortly after my family left L.A. to live in Dublin, Ohio. It broke my grandparents hearts.)

I miss you, Grandpa Hollywood. I love you. 


Anonymous said...

great tribute! he is so missed!

My2Gs said...

I love that! My dad is the same way. He never has a hair out of place and doesn't like you touching it.....but my kids can do anything they want to it! :) I also love the way he smells. I remember very vividly the first time DH and I went out after we had our little girl. Mom and Dad watched her. When we got home, she smelled just like my dad's cologne from him snuggling her all night long.

columbus imPRessions said...

Very touching tribute Ali. He is looking down and smiling at you! Awesome signature move by the way!

Monica said...

so sweet...I have been away from the blogs lately and I am catching up!!