Friday, October 31, 2008

Allergies for Sale

Bids starting at $.01. Actually, I'll pay you - Name your price. Perfectly good allergies - especially active this time of year. I'll even throw in a box of Kleenex.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beyond the vote.

Please check out this blog entry from the Pastor of our church. If you read this blog, you know how important the upcoming election is to me. Additionally, you know who I am supporting. But ultimately, I do not rely on one candidate or party to rescue me from societal burdens or cultural frustrations - no, I rely on ONE and only ONE, and his name is Jesus. And it is through HIM that change, if any, will occur.

Not your sister's Cabbage Patch

As children, Morgan and I LOVED Cabbage Patch Kids. Those were our dolls of choice (except for the talking Cricket that Morgan received one Christmas - that thing was gi-normous). But we never had one that quite looked like this. Oh, how times have changed.

And yes, that is supposed to be Barack Obama.


Her name is Jessica Fletcher, and she makes me want to move to Cabot Cove.

Cheesy Mom Alert. Cheesy Mom Alert.

I warned you.

My son LOVES songs, so I'm often looking for new and fun songs to sing to him. I found this list of Halloween-ish songs, and I thought that I would share. And even if you aren't singing to a small child, no one will know if you sing The Owls Go Hoo! to yourself in the shower!

Vote & Vax

Need to vote? Need your flu shot? Then you better Vote & Vax! That's right, folks, now you can cast your vote and receive a flu shot in the same location. Could America be any more convenient?

Halloween & Politics - Frightening!

Gas: $1.99


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Keep up the good work, Campbell.

Calling all physical therapists or wannabes

If you are a physical therapist, or you know a physical therapist, or you want to be a physical therapist, or you've met a physical therapist, or you are going to dress up as a physical therapist for Halloween, then please leave me a list of exercises (no more than two) that I can do in a few minutes (no more than five) so that I can start walking by, um, let's say tomorrow. Thanks.

Dog update

No worries. The dog is still alive. For now. He's just had a rough morning. I should say that we have had a rough morning. He simply craves so much attention, and with all the attention that Henry and I are getting lately, it makes it that much harder on the dog. Unfortunately he shows it by getting into all sorts of trouble. But at least it wore him out. He's curled up sleeping next to Henry right now. Bless their hearts.

Naughtiest dog in the land

My dog is about to meet his maker. I've had it.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Obama Undertakes Presidential Internship To Ease Concerns About His Lack Of Experience


This is Satan at work, and WE WILL NOT ALLOW IT!

And so it begins

It's never good when they start turning on each other, and I must admit, I love it (God, forgive me for my schadenfreude; I would be lying if I said that I am not finding pleasure in their demise).
I guess if you are going to name your campaign, Straight Talk Express, then expect the diva VP nominee to forget the script and dish out some straight talk. The next 8 days are gonna be juicy!

Praying for Jennifer Hudson and Family

If you have been following the Jennifer Hudson situation, then you realize how terribly sad this is. Unfortunately, the search for her nephew is most likely over, and the outcome is grim. Please join me in saying a prayer for her and her family.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Joe the Straight-Talker

On our way back from McConnelsville today, we passed the Straight Talk Express, McCain's touring bus. It was neat to see the black bus and it's motorcade cruising across I-70, but it got me thinking, why Straight Talk? I suppose that McCain and his posse believe that their campaign is straight-forward and tell-it-like-it-is, but I believe that the only person in this race who is a straight talker is Joe Biden. That man doesn't hold back; he is a straight-up-now-tell-me kind of guy. Check out this 5-minute interview with WFTVs Barbara West. My favorite part is when he asks her, "Are you joking? Is this a joke? Or is this a real question?"

Not blogging alert

BUSY weekend thus NOT blogging! Hope to be back at it soon!

Friday, October 24, 2008


I just lost 75 mom points.

I did what I said that I would never do. I sat Henry in front of the T.V., pushed buttons 7 and 4 on the remote, and sat back as Henry became enthralled in Noggin and all it's educational-ness (at least that's what I'm telling myself). See, my son is only 6 months old, so the likelihood that he is learning as he stares at the screen on the wall is actually more of a joke. Let's face it. He is merely stimulated by the lights, colors, and round-on-the-edges cartoon characters. As for me, I got some work done, but was it worth all the guilt and shame? Um, yeah, pretty much, it was.

Actually, this is what I really want for Christmas:

"The Green Bible will equip and encourage people to see God's vision for creation and help them engage in the work of healing and sustaining it. With over 1,000 references to the earth in the Bible, compared to 490 references to heaven and 530 references to love, the Bible carries a powerful message for the earth."

Santa, I've been good this year. Can I have one, please?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas:

Per my sister's request


Maybe I'll check it out this weekend - hopefully I won't have any 7th grade nightmares!

The cost of a beautiful campaign

I like Campbell Brown (CNN anchor). I liked her when she was on the Today show, and I like her on No Bias, No Bull. She recently delivered this commentary in reference to the Sarah Palin shopping spree. 

I think Brown brings up a good point: women are held to a high standard when it comes to their appearance. When I first heard about Palin's $150,000 wardrobe makeover, it didn't bother me. I don't care how RNC dollars are spent. I did wonder if Sarah was offended. How'd it all go down? Did McCain's campaign manager say, "hey, Sarah, we want you to be McCain's running-mate, but only after we give you a seriously expensive makeover. The small-town hockey-mom look just ain't our style." I would be offended. I understand the importance of looking professional, but as our girl, Michelle, has so beautifully displayed, one can do that in $150 dress from White House Black Market. 

Michelle Obama on The View in $150 off-the-rack dress from White House Black Market. Stylish. Gorgeous. Chic. Inexpensive.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Mentoring Project

Donate here.

Barack, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

As you tend to your gravely ill grandmother, please know that I am praying for you and your family. You have been candid about your relationship with your grandmother, a woman who played a huge role in your upbringing. I respect and appreciate your decision to be with her during this difficult time.

From my husband the hunter

Have I mentioned that I am in a politically divided marriage? If you read this blog then you know who I will be supporting on November 4th. One guess who my husband, an avid hunter, will be voting for? Today my husband-the-hunter sent me this picture. I had to laugh.


My friend, Sara, introduced me to, and I am a big fan. I recently used it to investigate a Watch-Out! email that I received, and sure enough, Snopes verified that the information was bogus. I encourage the detective in you to utilize Snopes next time you find yourself suspicious about a political rumor or an outlandish email forward. Now if only Snopes could verify the rumors that I hear about my friends...

Thoughts & Prayers

Early this morning my husband's family lost Uncle Marvin. Marvin Baker was my husband's Great Uncle. 

Please be thinking of and praying for the family as they deal with this loss.

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Not me!" Monday

Several of the blogs that I follow are "mom" blogs. One such blog is my charming kids, and this mom began a Monday tradition titled "Not Me! Monday." I don't anticipate weekly participation on my part, but I have a few to disclose, so here I go.

I did not butt scoot up an entire flight of stairs (12 steps, to be exact) because I was too tired to do the crutch-hop.

I did not ask that I be pushed in a wheelchair at church for the third Sunday in a row even though I am getting stronger and I probably could have hobbled in on my crutches.

My dog did not snore so heavily that I felt the vibrations through the bed (and if you are wondering whether I allow the dog to sleep in bed with us, that is definitely not me).

I did not insist that Henry's pants be put back on his bum even though they were the slightest bit wet from a mild diaper leak. 

I did not ask my husband to bring in the umbrella stroller so that I could use it to push Henry around the house - no, that's not me getting creative with how I am going to move Henry from the couch to his jumperoo without picking him up.

I did not just open up the can of cocoa roasted almonds for the sixth time, each time putting the lid back on and thinking, "okay, that's the last time." 

And I most certainly did not not wake up this morning thinking, "why don't I do that every night?" in reference to the PM allergy medication that I took before bed last night. No, I did not have the best night's sleep ever!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Bodyguard & 7th grade drama

My sister LOVES watching movies on Sundays, and today she is catching the second-half of The Bodyguard. Usually she watches Lifetime movies as she dozes in and out of consciousness, but today she stumbled upon Whitney & Kevin on Oxygen. I have never seen The Bodyguard, and here is why:
When I was in 7th grade, a boy in my class had a crush on me. How did I know that he had a crush on me? It was kind of hard not to know. I don't bring this up in an I'm-so-special-because-a-boy-had-a-crush-on-me-kind-of-way, in fact, the boy that crushed on me later came out of the closet when we were in high school. I'm still trying to process this.
Anyway, back to middle school. One day I opened my locker to find it overflowing with gushy trinkets from this boy - roses, confetti, streamers, balloons, a stuffed animal and a card (back in the day it was no big deal to ask the janitor to open someone's locker so that you could decorate it - how times have changed). Inside the card he had written out the lyrics to a song. That song was Whitney Houston's I will always love you.
I should mention that I did not have a crush on this boy. In fact, I had a boyfriend at the time (yes, I was only 12, but in middle school it was cool to have a boyfriend, as ridiculous as that sounds). So when I opened my locker to find it chalk-full of gushy valentines from someone other than my boyfriend, I was humiliated beyond belief. 
This humiliation equated to an extreme distaste for The Bodyguard, Whitney Houston, and above-mentioned boy. Even though The Bodyguard and its soundtrack were all the craze in my 7th grade year, I would have nothing to do with either. 
Well that was 16 years ago, and although I am still processing the fact that this boy later announced that he was gay, I think I am finally over the Whitney/Bodyguard issue.
And since my sister just cried her eyes out watching this "I can't believe you've never seen this movie!" movie, I suppose I will set 7th grade drama aside and be open to spending a couple of hours with Whit & Kev.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Barack at Al Smith Dinner - Flippin' Funny!

I will warn you, this is 10-minutes long, but it is hilarious. And it is another reason why I LOVE me some Barack.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Admit it, this is funny.

Pray the Devil Back to Hell

I follow a blog of a family, a family doing amazing things. In addition to living in a poverty-stricken area by choice (God has called them to reach out to this community), they are in the process of adopting two girls from Liberia. I recently checked out this link posted on their blog, and I encourage you to do the same. 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So whaddya think?

Thanks to Sara for letting me know what she thinks. Being a new blog and all, it's understandable that not many people shared their two-cents, but no worries, I will share mine.

This situation happened to me two weeks ago shortly after I broke my ankle. On the day of the board meeting, I spoke with my boss, and he said that there was no handicap access into the building. Nonetheless, he assured me that I could get into the building. Rather than pressing him for details (big mistake), I trusted him and went to the board meeting. When I arrived, he thought he could help me up the stairs. I told him, "thanks, but no thanks;" it was two-days post surgery and I was NOT comfortable with that. He then approached me with this creative idea: plop me on the back of a truck lift and lift me into the warehouse. Hmm. That's interesting and somewhat complicated, but I told him, "if you are willing, I suppose that I'm able." Sure enough, I hobbled onto the back of the truck lift, and he backed up to the warehouse and away I went. 
I made it to the board meeting, and I made it out (nothing like being lowered from a warehouse via truck lift in front of a dozen community big-wigs and professionals). We have another board meeting coming up in November, and something tells me that I should be listening to my friend, Sara. Webcams and iChat, she makes it sound so simple. But I have to admit, handicap accessible via truck lift makes for a much better story.

Think-about-it Thursday

What would you do if you had a broken ankle and your boss asked you to attend a board meeting at the office? Here's the catch, the office is only accessible by a flight of stairs (eight stairs - fairly steep with a rail on each side - to be exact). There is no handicap access into the building. And in case you were wondering, you are confined to crutches, and you are not able to bear any weight on your broken ankle. Think about it, what would you do? And after you've thought about it, let me know what you think! I'll let you know what I think later.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tag, you're it.

There are a couple dozen blogs that I check regularly. Most of them are blogs belonging to friends, but there are a handful that belong to complete strangers. I simply stumbled upon their blogs through a friend, and for whatever reason, I decided that I enjoyed their blog enough to follow it.
One such blog, 4 little men and girly twins, recently posted two Tags, and I decided to participate in one of them (a Tag means that you have been tagged by another blogger, and you are supposed to follow suit by answering the questions or following the directions and then tagging other bloggers).

The first tag is titled "7 Things About Me" (blogging about 7 things you may not know about me).

The rules:
1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Write 7 random things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post.
4. Pass on the tag.

Here I go:
  1. I live in a politically divided marriage. It is no secret who I will be voting for on November 4th (just look around my blog), thus you can imagine who my husband plans to vote for (unless I manage to convert him!).
  2. I married a hunter. That's not really a big deal, except that means that we have dead animals hanging up in our house (more specifically our basement - this suburban housewife will not stand for dead animals hanging in her living room - no way!).
  3. Speaking of hunting, I killed a chicken once. I was 3-years-old, it lived in our backyard, it pecked  me, I hit it with a stick, it died. Sad, but true.
  4. I go to church in my high school's auditorium. My church is young and doesn't have it's own building. We meet in a high school auditorium, and it happens to be the same high school from which I graduated. Every Sunday morning I inhale the scents of high school filling me with memories of my adolescence.
  5. My father is German. He was adopted by an American couple and moved to the United States when he was two-years-old. We love our German culture and try to incorporate it into many aspects of our life.
  6. At 13-years-old I went on a mission trip taking me to six different European countries. We slept in tents most of the time, and I was away from my family for nearly two months.
  7. In 28 years, I never had surgery (I did have my wisdom teeth removed when I was 17). But that all changed this year - I just underwent my second surgery - a c-section in April and ankle surgery two weeks ago. 

And now I tag YOU! If you want to participate, leave me a comment, post your tag on your blog, and I'll stop by and read it. Enjoy!

What is He trying to tell me???

If you know me well, then you know that my tendencies can lean toward control-freak-perfectionist-control-clean-tidy-control-control-control-ish-ness. That's why this leg-broken business is such a test of my faith. Beyond words!
Right now, I am sitting on a couch disgusted with my house. It is FILTHY. Normally I clean my entire house weekly - dust, vacuum, mop, scrub, spray, wipe - the works. But since my injury nearly three weeks ago, I have hardly picked up a wash rag to wash my own body let alone a mop to clean the floors. Ugh. And to think that I might have another month of this.
But that's where the big guy upstairs comes in. It's as if snapping my ankle in half was his cute way of showing me that he is the only one with any control around here. I can just hear him saying, "So what, your house is dirty? Do you know what kind of a mess I am dealing with everyday? Your measly crumbs in the couch are nothing compared to the you-know-what that I have to sort through with every freakin' human being in every flippin' city, state, country around the world. I'm in charge. I'm the big guy. You - you get to sit on a couch all day. Now quit your whinin' and start glorifyin'. Ya hear?" Okay, so he probably wouldn't be so fiesty, that was actually my fiesty-ness seeping through, but that's why he's God and I'm not.
So I guess I'm supposed to use this and learn from it. Actually, I know that I'm supposed to use this and learn from it. I know that God is awesome, and that compared to him, I'm even measlier than those measly crumbs in my couch. 
So, Lord, I ask you to give me a hand. Help me to check my attitude at the door and give thanks to the big guy upstairs who has never, not once, let me down.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

College goes green

Ever wondered if you can get a major in "green." Well, thanks to a local college, you can!
Check out this article about Cleveland-area Baldwin-Wallace College's Sustainability program: Academic road to green.
I'm a big fan!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Chris Rock IS funny!

So apparently Barack and Michelle were featured in an issue of Ebony magazine back in March (not 100% sure about the month, but it was definitely in the Spring). 
In the article, Chris Rock is quoted as saying the following:
"Barack has a handicap the other candidates don’t have: Barack Obama has a black wife. And I don’t think a black woman can be first lady of the United States. Yeah, I said it! A black woman can be president, no problem. First lady? Can’t do it. You know why? Because a black woman cannot play the background of a relationship. Just imagine telling your black wife that you’re president? ‘Honey, I did it! I won! I’m the president.’ ‘No, we the president! And I want my girlfriends in the Cabinet! I want Kiki to be secretary of state! She can fight!"
Okay, if you didn't chuckle reading that then I'm sorry, because that was funny. Unfortunately, when I was searching for the exact article, I found A LOT of upset people - upset that Rock would persist such stereotypes and use racial humor. I think one person even said that never again would they listen to anything that Rock has to say. Really? Were you listening to what he had to say before, because if so, I'm wondering what it is about the above joke that put you over the edge. I've listened to a lot of Rock's stand-up, and the Michelle Obama bit is tame by a mile in comparison to his usual stuff.
And what would the months before an election be without some politically incorrect humor? I'd rather listen to this stuff over-and-over than the attack and smear ads plastered on t.v. all day long. I suppose that these are the same people with their panties in a bunch over Tina Fey and her remarkable impersonation of Sarah Palin. I simply feel sorry for anyone who can't have a little fun at the expense of the candidates. Come on, people, live a little!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It was worth a shot.

Though fun while it lasted, my attempt at selling the back of my wheelchair to an advertiser did not amount to anything at all. Oh well. It's probably for the best as I am getting stronger and better able to use my walker and crutches for greater distances and longer time. I'll still have the wheelchair for events and "walks" around the neighborhood, but hopefully I will rely on it less and less. Though I must admit, it's kind of fun ploppin' the baby on my lap and having my hubby push us around for a stroll.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

College Football Saturday

Normally I would be thrilled to welcome another College Football Saturday - relaxin' on the couch; indulging in pizza, chips and maybe a beer; fading into a catnap while keeping one eye open not to miss a big play; occasionally shouting at the t.v. as if the referees and players can hear my barking; and grinning from ear-to-ear when the Buckeyes sprint down the field for another six points.
But I'm just not feeling it today. I am now approaching week three of couch dwelling due to a very broken ankle. And to say that I'm over it would be a gross understatement. 
I'm ready to walk on two feet without the sound of rubber crutches hitting the ground. I'm ready to pick up my son and sway back-and-forth in order to calm one of his fussy spells. I'm ready to jog along the bike path through the nearby nature preserve taking in the layers of changing leaves unveiling for autumn. I'm ready.
But I have another month, at least, of couch dwelling and one-legged hobbling. And it will only be by the grace of God that I will survive it.

But for what it's worth, Go Bucks!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Betty White is a cougar!

Brief explanation

I probably should clarify - how did I go from being reintroduced to a favorite author one day to listening to him speak at a local college the next day? God, basically. Or God's timing, more specifically. The day my cousin's husband emailed me about Donald Miller, I started doing a bit of research online. I found Miller's blog, and amazingly his current post stated that he would be in Ohio campaigning for three days. That was Wednesday, and Thursday morning I checked his blog to find an Ohio schedule. I called my loving hubby, and he agreed to chauffeur me to the event that evening. And waa-laa, I'm now an even bigger Donald Miller fan.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Donald Miller event

Just saw Donald Miller speak at Ohio Wesleyan University. Miller is on the Faith, Family & Values tour endorsing Barack Obama. It was an intimate event, maybe 40 people or so. Miller spent 45 minutes or so discussing his journey from voting-Republican-because-that's-what-conservative-evangelical-Christians-do to now supporting Barack Obama. Don't worry, Miller is still Christian as ever, but guess what, so is Barack. Miller's blog does a nice job of highlighting "Why Obama" especially concerning the hot-button conservative issues such as abortion. And in case you are one of those people who wonder, "Can you be pro-life and support Obama?" well check out this link.

I'm still digesting and processing the event so expect more thoughts and musings later. It was a great way to spend the evening especially 26 days before what could be the most historic election of all time and the greatest progress made by the Civil Rights movement since the efforts of MLK Jr. 
Oh, and many hugs and kisses to my freakin' awesome hubby who escorted my broken butt to the event even though he does not support Obama. It not only meant a lot to me to hear Miller speak, but it was heaven to get out of the house for a couple of hours. Thanks, babe.

Blue. Like. Jazz.

Blue. Like. Jazz.

So I've been having an electronic conversation with my cousin's husband about politics. We tend to agree with each other politically and spiritually, and he brought to my attention a book that I read several years ago: Blue Like Jazz. I loved this book when I read it, and rereading it has just been added to my list of things to do while I am confined to the couch.
Blue Like Jazz is written by Donald Miller, a Christian author who swings left. For those of you who know me, you know that I love me some Jesus and I love me some Barack. Not all of my views fall left, but the majority do (I don't care for the right v. left categorizations, but you know what I mean & I know what I mean, so it works). 
Blue Like Jazz is a contemporary presentation of the gospel. According to the author, "it is a book that Christians will want to give to their lost friends to explain what they believe, and to help people understand how relevant the gospel of Jesus is...specifically, Blue Like Jazz 
alludes the idea that one can enjoy Christian spirituality the way one enjoys jazz music, and that like jazz music, Christian Spirituality is something you feel in the soul."
Beautiful. Simply beautiful. 
Read the book, people. Read the book. As soon as I find my copy, I'll be cozying up for a second rendezvous.

Throwing up in my mouth.

This makes me throw up in my mouth on many levels.
P.S. Brady graduated from my high school - I guess he was a nice kid, but people around here think he's god. Obnoxious.

Shout out!

Shout out to my dear friend, Alyssa, on her birthday.
(she's the hottie in between me and the other hottie & dear friend, Kelly)
(sorry, B-Money, you're just in the way)
A-dawg, things to do on your birthday: bottle dance, sing grits-n-eggs, lick a n*p, holla back, shake a tailfeather & rock-da-boat.
Love ya like a fat kid loves cake.

Its Your Birthday - 50 Cent

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For the haters:

I love Jesus. I love Barack.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I did it!

I posted my eBay listing. You can now officially bid on the space on the back of my wheelchair! For three days only, this grab-your-attention opportunity is a must for your unique and creative advertising needs! Check it out!
You know you want it!

Morning of chaos

So my loving sister-in-law, Kelley, has been a god-send, and last night she made the nearly two hour trip from her house to ours in order to help me today. Additionally, she kept Jaeger over the weekend so that we would have one less thing to care for while I am leg-less.
Nonetheless, today has proved especially challenging. For starter's, Matt slept at the condo last night with Jaeger which  meant that Henry slept in bed with me at my parent's house (it's easier to comfort Henry back to sleep in the middle of the night if he is right next to me as opposed to me hobbling out of bed and to his crib, not to mention I cannot lift Henry right now). Henry didn't sleep well thus I did not sleep well. 
At 7:30 this morning, Matt dropped off Jaeger, and Jaeger was WOUND UP. Jaeger, Hans and Heidi (can't have a dog in this family unless it has a german name) ran around this house as if rabid, and because Jaeger loves to see my blood boil, he kept playing snatch-n-run with "forbiddens" such as Henry's pacifier and lovey. I am sure that I was a sight to see, chasing Jaeger around the house as I stumble along with the walker. 
As I attempted to chase Jaeger (with Kelley's help), Kelley watched over a very fussy Henry. The little man fought sleep hard, and eventually we had to let him cry it out. Poor baby. 
Shortly after Henry went down (finally), Jaeger found a hole in the fence and squeezed his way out. Sure enough, Jaeger went roaming, and I had to just sit - damn broken ankle. THREE times Kelley had to capture Jaeger from his short-lived freedom before finally we decided that Kelley would take Jaeger back to the condo and confine him to his kennel. As far as I'm concerned, Jaeger can stay kenneled for life. Just call him OJ.
A morning like this would be frustrating for most, but it was only exaggerated by my current disability. Fortunately I talk to Jesus a lot, otherwise I might be joining Jaeger and OJ behind bars.
Hard to believe this sweet face nearly led me to a crazy-mom-with-a-walker-goes-postal moment.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I still have an idea.

Okay, Matt so wonderfully worked on a project at the condo for me today, and by the time he returned to my parents house (where we are living right now), daylight was diminishing so we didn't have time to take pictures of the wheelchair. My goal is to get them taken asap so that I can get this listing onto eBay (see my previous post). Even if this wheelchair-advertisement idea doesn't work out, I'm so curious to know what kind of a response I will get. 
For instance, is someone going to ask me to advertise a product that cures erectile dysfunction? Or what if someone wants to use that space to promote a porno film? I must make my limitations VERY clear. 
And for my girl, A.T., I definitely contemplated slappin' an Obama/O'Biden* sign on the back of that bad boy, but the Buckeyes take the cake for now (nice win over the Badgers, eh?). I also need my husband to push me around, and I don't think he would do that if I was "wearing" an Obama/Biden sign. Mrs. Palin is his girlfriend.
For now, no eBay listing yet. Give me a day or two, and then let the bidding begin!
*I know Senator Biden's name is Biden, but did anyone else catch Palin when she said "O'Biden" during the VP debate? Hilarious!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

So I have an idea.

Because I'm confined to mostly sitting for the next six weeks (click here to learn why), I managed to score a wheelchair from my cousin (he's a medic, it's a hospital wheelchair, and I think he stole it). The back of the wheelchair is labeled with the name of the hospital, and out of courtesy to my cousin and the hospital from where it was possibly stolen, I want to cover up the label. At first I thought of hanging an American flag (tis the season for patriotism) or a Buckeye flag (big fan) from the back. But then an idea occurred to me. What if I sold that space as advertising space? I could post it on eBay and see if anyone bites. Whatdya think? I surfed eBay today, and I found a couple people selling ad space - one person is selling the t-shirt that he plans to wear, and another person is selling his forehead. Neither person has received any bids yet, so I have no idea whether or not this would sell. But I'd only be out a buck or so if it doesn't sell, so what the hell? If I can talk my lovely hubby into taking a few pictures of the wheelchair, I think I'm going to do it. I'll let you all know so you can spread the word.