Monday, October 20, 2008

"Not me!" Monday

Several of the blogs that I follow are "mom" blogs. One such blog is my charming kids, and this mom began a Monday tradition titled "Not Me! Monday." I don't anticipate weekly participation on my part, but I have a few to disclose, so here I go.

I did not butt scoot up an entire flight of stairs (12 steps, to be exact) because I was too tired to do the crutch-hop.

I did not ask that I be pushed in a wheelchair at church for the third Sunday in a row even though I am getting stronger and I probably could have hobbled in on my crutches.

My dog did not snore so heavily that I felt the vibrations through the bed (and if you are wondering whether I allow the dog to sleep in bed with us, that is definitely not me).

I did not insist that Henry's pants be put back on his bum even though they were the slightest bit wet from a mild diaper leak. 

I did not ask my husband to bring in the umbrella stroller so that I could use it to push Henry around the house - no, that's not me getting creative with how I am going to move Henry from the couch to his jumperoo without picking him up.

I did not just open up the can of cocoa roasted almonds for the sixth time, each time putting the lid back on and thinking, "okay, that's the last time." 

And I most certainly did not not wake up this morning thinking, "why don't I do that every night?" in reference to the PM allergy medication that I took before bed last night. No, I did not have the best night's sleep ever!


Denise said...

Have I ever told you how much I love you? Hehe! I enjoyed your not me's!