Sunday, October 5, 2008

I still have an idea.

Okay, Matt so wonderfully worked on a project at the condo for me today, and by the time he returned to my parents house (where we are living right now), daylight was diminishing so we didn't have time to take pictures of the wheelchair. My goal is to get them taken asap so that I can get this listing onto eBay (see my previous post). Even if this wheelchair-advertisement idea doesn't work out, I'm so curious to know what kind of a response I will get. 
For instance, is someone going to ask me to advertise a product that cures erectile dysfunction? Or what if someone wants to use that space to promote a porno film? I must make my limitations VERY clear. 
And for my girl, A.T., I definitely contemplated slappin' an Obama/O'Biden* sign on the back of that bad boy, but the Buckeyes take the cake for now (nice win over the Badgers, eh?). I also need my husband to push me around, and I don't think he would do that if I was "wearing" an Obama/Biden sign. Mrs. Palin is his girlfriend.
For now, no eBay listing yet. Give me a day or two, and then let the bidding begin!
*I know Senator Biden's name is Biden, but did anyone else catch Palin when she said "O'Biden" during the VP debate? Hilarious!