Monday, October 13, 2008

Chris Rock IS funny!

So apparently Barack and Michelle were featured in an issue of Ebony magazine back in March (not 100% sure about the month, but it was definitely in the Spring). 
In the article, Chris Rock is quoted as saying the following:
"Barack has a handicap the other candidates don’t have: Barack Obama has a black wife. And I don’t think a black woman can be first lady of the United States. Yeah, I said it! A black woman can be president, no problem. First lady? Can’t do it. You know why? Because a black woman cannot play the background of a relationship. Just imagine telling your black wife that you’re president? ‘Honey, I did it! I won! I’m the president.’ ‘No, we the president! And I want my girlfriends in the Cabinet! I want Kiki to be secretary of state! She can fight!"
Okay, if you didn't chuckle reading that then I'm sorry, because that was funny. Unfortunately, when I was searching for the exact article, I found A LOT of upset people - upset that Rock would persist such stereotypes and use racial humor. I think one person even said that never again would they listen to anything that Rock has to say. Really? Were you listening to what he had to say before, because if so, I'm wondering what it is about the above joke that put you over the edge. I've listened to a lot of Rock's stand-up, and the Michelle Obama bit is tame by a mile in comparison to his usual stuff.
And what would the months before an election be without some politically incorrect humor? I'd rather listen to this stuff over-and-over than the attack and smear ads plastered on t.v. all day long. I suppose that these are the same people with their panties in a bunch over Tina Fey and her remarkable impersonation of Sarah Palin. I simply feel sorry for anyone who can't have a little fun at the expense of the candidates. Come on, people, live a little!