Thursday, October 16, 2008

So whaddya think?

Thanks to Sara for letting me know what she thinks. Being a new blog and all, it's understandable that not many people shared their two-cents, but no worries, I will share mine.

This situation happened to me two weeks ago shortly after I broke my ankle. On the day of the board meeting, I spoke with my boss, and he said that there was no handicap access into the building. Nonetheless, he assured me that I could get into the building. Rather than pressing him for details (big mistake), I trusted him and went to the board meeting. When I arrived, he thought he could help me up the stairs. I told him, "thanks, but no thanks;" it was two-days post surgery and I was NOT comfortable with that. He then approached me with this creative idea: plop me on the back of a truck lift and lift me into the warehouse. Hmm. That's interesting and somewhat complicated, but I told him, "if you are willing, I suppose that I'm able." Sure enough, I hobbled onto the back of the truck lift, and he backed up to the warehouse and away I went. 
I made it to the board meeting, and I made it out (nothing like being lowered from a warehouse via truck lift in front of a dozen community big-wigs and professionals). We have another board meeting coming up in November, and something tells me that I should be listening to my friend, Sara. Webcams and iChat, she makes it sound so simple. But I have to admit, handicap accessible via truck lift makes for a much better story.


Jackie said...

I would probably go. I have a promblem saying NO though:)