Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Morning of chaos

So my loving sister-in-law, Kelley, has been a god-send, and last night she made the nearly two hour trip from her house to ours in order to help me today. Additionally, she kept Jaeger over the weekend so that we would have one less thing to care for while I am leg-less.
Nonetheless, today has proved especially challenging. For starter's, Matt slept at the condo last night with Jaeger which  meant that Henry slept in bed with me at my parent's house (it's easier to comfort Henry back to sleep in the middle of the night if he is right next to me as opposed to me hobbling out of bed and to his crib, not to mention I cannot lift Henry right now). Henry didn't sleep well thus I did not sleep well. 
At 7:30 this morning, Matt dropped off Jaeger, and Jaeger was WOUND UP. Jaeger, Hans and Heidi (can't have a dog in this family unless it has a german name) ran around this house as if rabid, and because Jaeger loves to see my blood boil, he kept playing snatch-n-run with "forbiddens" such as Henry's pacifier and lovey. I am sure that I was a sight to see, chasing Jaeger around the house as I stumble along with the walker. 
As I attempted to chase Jaeger (with Kelley's help), Kelley watched over a very fussy Henry. The little man fought sleep hard, and eventually we had to let him cry it out. Poor baby. 
Shortly after Henry went down (finally), Jaeger found a hole in the fence and squeezed his way out. Sure enough, Jaeger went roaming, and I had to just sit - damn broken ankle. THREE times Kelley had to capture Jaeger from his short-lived freedom before finally we decided that Kelley would take Jaeger back to the condo and confine him to his kennel. As far as I'm concerned, Jaeger can stay kenneled for life. Just call him OJ.
A morning like this would be frustrating for most, but it was only exaggerated by my current disability. Fortunately I talk to Jesus a lot, otherwise I might be joining Jaeger and OJ behind bars.
Hard to believe this sweet face nearly led me to a crazy-mom-with-a-walker-goes-postal moment.