Saturday, April 4, 2009

Now and Then

A friend tagged me on facebook.

I'm to answer a list of 100 random questions. That's too many for me to even think about, so I'll break them down.

Here are a few from the other day. And here are some more.

RIGHT NOW (It's 9:45pm on a Friday):
  1. Eating? Unfortunately nothing. I want ice cream. Graeter's. Chocolate chip.
  2. Drinking? I could use a glass of ice water. Or a milkshake. Graeter's. Chocolate chip.
  3. I'm about to? Sleep for days. I only wish. Unfortunately I have to get up in the morning and finish cleaning house before our showing. Blegh.
  4. Listening to? My husband start laundry. He does his own laundry. I like him for that.
  5. Waiting for? Someone to rub my shoulders. It's been one of those days.
  1. Want kids? Well, what happens if I answer 'No'?
  2. Want to get married? Again, what if I answer 'No'?
  3. Careers in mind? A wife and mother {wink}


Anonymous said...

Ali, I have enjoyed reading all of your posts especially the ones in questions. You are so honest and I love you for that. I'm trying to teach my students it's ok to be just who you are and to not be afraid of it. Your transparency and warmth make you such a role model and let's us know it's ok to just be me:)...or you lol. Ava's mom

Sarah said...

Your husband does his own laundry? That is teh awesome.