Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thank you, Jesus, for Yanni.

You might remember that I went to Blissdom back in February. 

Remember how I told you that I fell in love - with Chris Mann, and the elevator #13 victims, and many fabulous bloggers, mothers, and writers? 

Well I was recently reminded of a couple of other individuals who stole my heart that weekend. And I have Yanni to thank.

Did I just say Yanni? Yes, I did. And by Yanni, did I mean the international, multi-platinum composer and recording artist? Oh yeah, that's who I meant.

So what the H am I talking about?

You see, Yanni recently released a brand new album, and in an effort to spread the word, he offered a sneak peak to the wonderful women of Blissdom. And by sneak peak, I really mean, hubba-hubba-thank-you-Jesus-for-Yanni.

Yanni's newest release, Yanni Voices, "pairs Yanni's inspired compositions with four extraordinary young talents." 

These four individuals not only have incredible voices, but they are way hot. Usually I hate people who look good and sound good. But not in this case. Blissdom was blessed with a special appearance from two of these artists, Nathan Pacheco and Ender Thomas. These two fine gentlemen are way too good-looking for words. And then they open their mouths and sing, phew, is anyone else getting warm? 

And to top it all off, Yanni and Team Beautiful are launching a Voices tour this month! It's absolutely scrumptious!

Listen to the album, and you will experience powerful instrumentals, explosive musical talent, brilliant vocals, and over-the-top energy (seriously, Yanni is a lil' firecracker).

See them live in concert, and not only will you be immersed in a vivid and emotional musical experience, but you will fall in love and forever hold Nathan and Ender in your heart. {swoon}