Thursday, April 2, 2009

A few of my firsts.

A friend tagged me on facebook.

I'm to answer a list of 100 random questions. That's too many for me to even think about, so I'll break them down.

Here are yesterday's. And here are some more.

  1. First surgery? Minus having my wisdom teeth pulled when I was seventeen, I have had only two other surgeries, both of which were last year (a c-section to remove a small child from my uterus, and later that fall, they sliced my leg open to insert a crap-load of metal - I broke my leg and ankle in two places when I slipped while jogging - that's what happens when you grow small children inside of you - you try to jog and lose weight and then you fall and break bones).
  2. First piercing? I think my ears were pierced when I was four or something like that. Heck if I remember.
  3. First tattoo? I was 19. I got angle wings tattooed on my lower back.
  4. First Best Friend? Allison Kelley. She was really tall and really blond. I'm short and not blond.
  5. First sport you joined? I was a dancer, thank you very much.
  6. First pet? A chicken. I killed it. I'm not lying.
  7. First vacation remembered? My parents lived off of food stamps when I was born. We didn't do vacations. We camped.
  8. First cd? Simon & Garfunkle. I was in the sixth grade. I've always had a great taste in music.
  9. First crush? I think his name was Russ. I was in second grade, and I hounded him on the playground. I wanted to kiss him bad.
  10. First alcohol drink? Red Dog beer. I was in tenth grade.