Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2Pac, my love

The other day, on twitter, I was asked to name a famous person with whom I'd want to roller skate. 

Good question.
I didn't want to choose someone too funny because I'd be peeing in my pants, not skating. I didn't want to choose someone too skinny because I'd be the fat girl on skates. 
I decided on this beautiful man.

Technically, he is dead, but I'm all for roller skating when I get to Heaven. 
I began obsessing over 2Pac when I was in high school. Shortly after his death in 1996 (I was a junior), his music became extremely popular. 
I was that goofy little white girl cruising around town in my 2-door Hyundai Accent blasting All Eyez on Me and Changes (my favorite) - dirty lyrics and all.
And though I don't blast his music around town anymore (baby prefers Christian radio and Veggie Tales), I will forever love 2Pac. 
And I will roller skate with him when I get to Heaven.


Rebecca said...

If only I had known! I just gave away a book of Tupac's poetry to the library. I would have sent it to you..

Jess said...

Um.... we must have a very common childhood. HUGE 2pac fan... yes this white girl from Cincy loved her 90s rap.

Alyssa said...

My exbf has a feature article in his mom's book. Nothing but love for him...2pac that is. :)