Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank God for Skype

Thanks to Skype, we were able to see and hear Morgan this morning! 

We gathered the entire family (Matt, Henry, Mom, Dad, me - and the dogs), and at 8:30am she called!
She seemed so happy, and they are going to have a ton of great stories to share. 
They are having such a blessed time with the children. 
Tomorrow they will attend church with the Asia's Hope family, and this week they will be a part of the baptism of eight of the children.
She did report that the heat has given her a couple of little headaches, but other than that, she is great.
We anticipate that we will be able to skype with her one more time before she returns home next weekend.
It was such a blessing to see her face and hear her voice. Thank you, Jesus!
*Check out Jen's blog for more pictures!