Friday, January 2, 2009

This is SO true.

I had to post this picture because I experienced it firsthand. When I had my ankle surgery three months ago, I was dressed in a gown just like this one. If you've ever been in one of these gowns, then you know it has two strings in the back to cover-up your backside. Um, that doesn't work. And sure enough, I was sitting in prep when I asked the nurse if I could use the restroom. She escorted me through the entire prep lounge (which was a giant room full of a dozen other patients), and I KNOW that every single one of those patients saw my entire bum walking into the restroom. How lovely! Hopefully I brought a chuckle to the many patients feeling anxious about their pending surgeries.


Sandy Jenney said...

Yes...but I am sure that your bumm didn't look anything like this guys. You probably gave a few guys a thrill!! Hee hee

Donielle @ Raising Peanuts said...

They were nice enough in the delivery and maternity area to give me another one to put on like a coat so I wasn't peeking out in back! :-)

Ali said...

Okay, so maybe my bum wasn't this bad, but keep in mind that I broke my ankle shortly after having a baby. My body hasn't been the same since (nor will it ever be . . . tear), but a naked bum is a naked bum, so maybe I did give a thrill or two. I'll take it!