Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Miss Fabulous Vista Ridiculous Pageant

My good friend, Mary Kate, hosted a bunch of girls to watch the the Miss America pageant on Saturday night.
We had an absolute blast, and because Mary Kate is so creative, she came up with this crazy idea:
Miss Fabulous Vista Ridiculous Pageant

Each girl created a "name," talent (not to be performed, thank God), and platform. I was Miss Conceived (I'm pregnant, remember), my talent was "getting knocked-up," and my platform was Sexual Health, Sexual Education, Contraception, & Foreplay. 
We even made our own crowns and sashes. It was too fun.
The winner of our pageant was Kim, a nurse, who was Miss Diagnosed. I was the runner-up!


J.D. said...

LOL! You guys sound like so much fun! Love the names!

Denise said...

It was super fun!