Monday, February 9, 2009

Morgan is home from Cambodia!

Thank you, God, for bringing Morgan home healthy and safe. 

If you haven't already, check out Jen's blog for LOTS of pictures and updates from Team Cambodia's trip.

After only being home for 24 hours, Morgan is already wishing that she was back in Cambodia. She doesn't miss the shower/toilet combo or the overwhelming stench of the Russian market, but she misses the life that she grew to love while in Phnom Penh. 

She misses pulling into the orphanage only to be greeted by sixteen smiling children who insist she hold them in her arms, two and three at a time. She misses running around with carefree children who thought it was absolutely hilarious that she ripped two holes in a dingy pair of shorts. She misses sixteen gracious children banging on the van door as it pulls away to return to the guest house. She misses playing four-square, barefoot on the rugged dirt, while listening to a courtyard full of giggles. She misses putting down a child, only to see that he is scrunching up his feet, indicating to her that he doesn't want her to let him go. She misses passing out tiny trinkets to the children, gifts from our church, only to hear the children say, "Thank you, God. Thank you, God." 

Do you blame her? When I asked her if it was worth the 40-hours of travel each way, worth the inconveniences such as giving yourself frequent lice treatments, worth the financial and vocational sacrifices - she didn't even wait for me to finish my sentence. YES! She responded. Yes! Yes! Yes!

It's safe to say that Morgan wants to return to Cambodia. When God will give her that opportunity, I do not know, but when He does, I know that she will accept His call, arms open to those sixteen darling children that she now calls her own.


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Marla Taviano said...

Welcome home, beautiful Morgan! Nina and I just got back from 3+ hours at the zoo with Kim and Kara. I loved hearing all the Cambodia stories firsthand.

Allecia said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly our hearts get attached! We went to Honduras a few years back (twice actually) and I left a couple pieces of my heart there too! Welcome home Morgan...may God continue to do a work in your heart! (it was super hard for me to readjust after returning...I didn't want to forget all that I had seen and learned!)