Monday, February 16, 2009

My sister liked her mission experience so much that . . .

. . . she's now the Asia's Hope Missions Coordinator for our church. That basically means that she will organize future trips for future missionaries beginning with the application process through the post-trip debriefing.

And she'll be going back to Cambodia! I'm not sure when, but part of her new role will be to facilitate much of the missions experience that takes place for the missionaries in Cambodia.

So a week with sixteen beautiful children = my sister is forever changed. When my mom asked her, "would you ever like to do missions work somewhere else," my sister responded, "No, my heart is in Cambodia."

All I have to say is "Go, God!"

And to put it simply, I am way proud of my sister. If you know my sister, you know how non-third-world-country she is. She is easily grossed out by particular foods (I'm not just talking about Bizarre-Foods-with-Andrew-Zimmern kind of foods, but rather stupid things like seafood. All seafood. Even the fried stuff), she works at a spa where she has manicures and facials and salt scrub foot treatments at her disposal, she sleeps on a giant king-size bed dressed with high-thread count sheets and down pillows, and oh, that reminds me, she really likes sleep. 

So the fact that she is so gung-ho about a country that allows its citizens to live on top of a landfill and serves chicken that hasn't been de-feathered, well, that is truly a testament to one very awesome God. 

I love ya, sis.


Marla Taviano said...

Awww... I think I'm going to cry! So proud of you, Morgan! God is so awesome!

And Ali--have that baby, let her (him) grow up a little, then let's go to Cambodia!

Leah said...

My boys will be home this evening from a mission project, but they're still in the state. I can't wait to hear their stories. God does amazing things through his people!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the overwhelming support...with out you NONE of this would be possible! I love you!