Saturday, November 15, 2008

100th post CONTEST

This is my 100th post on alidotes! Rock on!

So, I whipped up a little contest for my loyal readers.


I'll close the contest Monday evening at 5:30pm (eastern). 
To participate, leave a comment with your answers to the five questions listed below. I'll hide the comments until the contest ends on Monday. Not that any of my peeps would cheat, but if there was chocolate in the teacher's lounge, and no one else was in the teacher's lounge, I'd eat the chocolate.
Also, make sure your contact information is located somewhere on your blogger homepage. If you win, I need to be able to contact you!
Oh, and is there a prize? Yes, of course there is a prize! But I can't tell you what because that's part of the contest. Woohoo!
The winner will be the person to answer the most amount of questions correctly, and if there is a tie, the prize will go to the person who answered first.
Take it away!

1) Who did I label as a cougar in a previous post?

2) I have two tattoos, where is this one located on my body (none of my tattoos are in areas that would be hidden by undergarments)?

3) Who lives here?

4) Why would someone bake us this cake?

5) In a previous post, I discussed a book that I had recently rediscovered. What was that book?


SNW said...

I have been putting this off... because I know I should know some more of the answers... but alas, I don't.
1.) Betty White... possibly my favorite Golden Girl
2.) foot... obtained during grad school (bonus points for that?! & it was when morg got her puppy paws... double bonus points?!?)
3.) this one trips me up... I've thought of everything from Obama to BoysHope to Wisteria Lane... I don't have a final answer
4.) Wedding related by the decorations... rehearsal? anniversary? engagement?
5.) Blue Like Jazz... I haven't read this yet.

Anonymous said...

okay i'll play...
1. sarah palin
2.foot people shower like jazz