Sunday, November 9, 2008

In memory of Hannah & Carly

Please join me in praying for Rachel and Ryan. In March, they lost their firstborn, Carly, at 3 months old. More recently they lost their second baby, Hannah, at 32 weeks gestation. A friend of theirs, also named Carly, has set up a candlelight vigil in honor and memory of these two precious babies. 

I light this candle to shine for babies Hannah & Carly. 

Please join me in saying a prayer for this family, and if you are called to light a candle, please take a picture and send to Carly at Please include your name and your location. These pictures will be passed on to Rachel and Ryan.


Carly said...

Oh you an Angel Ali,

Thank you so much for doing this!

MUch Love Carly x