Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Happy Birthday to the amazing man who I call my husband!

Matt and I were introduced by a mutual friend in June, 2006. We emailed for a couple of months before he finally called me. We didn't physically meet until October, 2006, and though it might not have been love-at-first-sight, it was close enough. In March, 2007, during Ohio State's Final Four game (we were watching the game at home), Matt asked me to marry him. Not wasting anytime, we were married in September - less than a year since first physically meeting each other. It has been a whirlwind - having added a puppy and baby to the mix - but it truly has been the most amazing couple of years of my life. Matt provides me with exactly what I need when I need it which is usually a sounding board or a calm and rational voice to my erratic and nonsensical moments (which are popping into our lives more and more since the birth of our young son).
Matt, I love you dearly, and I thank God for blessing me with the most loving husband and most tender father to my son.
*Niceties aside, I had to post this picture. I love it for many reasons but mainly because you often give me that face when I'm speakin' nonsense. I also can't get over how long you used to wear your "hair" - thank goodness for my sister!