Monday, November 17, 2008

And the winner is...


SNW answered 3.5 questions correctly. A close second was auntmo with 3 questions answered correctly (yes, it was a tight race!).

So what are the answers?

Q1) Who did I label as a cougar in a previous post?
A1) Betty White! Remember this video clip? *auntmo, Sarah Palin was a good guess - she's a cougar for other reasons, though.

Q2) I have two tattoos, where is this one located on my body (none of my tattoos are in areas that would be hidden by undergarments)?

A2) My foot! That foot has seen a lot of action - that's the ankle that I recently broke.

Q3) Who lives here?

A3) Don't you all remember my BFF? She is the adorable owner of this lovely house in Cabot Cove. I seriously could watch Murder She Wrote all day.

Q4) Why would someone bake us this cake?

A4) This is where Sara received a 1/2 point. Yes, it was presented to us (technically to me) for a wedding-related event, but more specifically, it was the cake at my bridal shower hosted by my mom's best friend.

Q5) In a previous post, I discussed a book that I had recently rediscovered. What was that book?
A5) Blue Like Jazz! An absolute awesome book by the amazing Don Miller.

And, SNW, you will be getting a copy of that wonderful book. I know you are busy, but maybe Thanksgiving or Christmas break will allow you time to read it. I love it.
And because I love the earth and online auctions, I will be sending you a gently used copy that I purchase on eBay. Hopefully it arrives in your mailbox soon! Way to go!!!

Thanks for participating in my 100th post contest! It was fun while it lasted. Until next time . . .


Dawn said...

Hi Ali!! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting today! I so appreciate the blog love! :)

SNW said...

Yay! Only by .5 -- whew, that was close :) I would have liked you for a teacher, partial credit is my friend.