Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scratch Back & My sister's pajamas

I'm trying something new. For those of you seasoned bloggers, you understand Google AdSense, and for those of you who don't understand Google AdSense, here's the quick and dirty: It's basically a way to make a very little bit of money by allowing advertisements on your site via Google. And when I say a very little bit, I mean pennies. 

So in an attempt to generate a bit more revenue, mainly for shoots and giggles, I'm trying Scratch Back. In short, Scratch Back is a tip jar with benefits. Check it out; it might be a good fit for your site.

And what does Scratch Back have to do with my sister's pajamas? Nothing. Nothing at all. But if you could have seen my sister in her pajamas today (since 2pm) then you would blog about it too. Because it was funny. I don't have a picture, and for that I am sorry. But even if I did have a picture, she would hunt me down with her $200 hair-cutting scissors and hurt me badly (those babies are sharp - she's been to the ER twice because of them!). Anyway, let me try to describe her oh-so-special look: light blue (with monkeys and moons) oversized, flannel nightgown; strange pant-legging-type things underneath oversized nightgown; black moccasin-ish slippers (though I think she wears them as real shoes also - that's another post in itself); and curly, frizzy, hot mess of a head of hair half pulled back in a ponytail because other half of her curly, frizzy mess won't fit in the ponytail. She was a beaut.
But hey, we had a lazy afternoon of surfin' the web, watching The Bodyguard, and eating enchilada casserole - and it was the best lazy Saturday that we have had in a long time!
And in her defense, she was up at the crack of dawn for work, so she had every right to throw her pajamas on at 2pm and lounge!


Anonymous said...

such a LAZY day! seriously thank the good Lord there were no pictures taken of me today! and I do wear these as slippers and shoes....the lazier the better :)

Alyssa said...

Oh I am so jealous of Morgan. What I wouldn't do to have a day like that! Hope you got some rest and relaxation Morgan! (you too Ali)