Saturday, March 21, 2009

Does this offend you?

Do you find this commercial offensive? Some do. As you might imagine, I don't.

Sure, it's bold, but ain't it spot on?!

And how else might they market their product? Because let's face it, women do use razors for this sort of thing.

And when it comes time for my unborn child's arrival, I just might be investing in a Schick Quattro TrimStyle.


Denise said...

Must just be me, but I don't think it's that bold. I saw it last night and didn't even get it! Can't be that bad!

Amy said...

Okay, I had to watch it twice to get it (I was pretty sure I "got it" the first time, but I had to be sure!).

Um, it was a little blush-worthy for me. I mean, I know they have to advertise, but that might've been a little too much.

But, that's just me, and I am really modest :)

J.D. said...

I so wanna get one! I don't think it's bold at all...but then again I do talk about anything & everything with anyone. I'm not shy at all, lol!

A.M. said...

Yes - it is 'spot' on but did we really need the visuals (even though they were ever so subtle) to really understand what one is suppose to do with this product?? I personally don't think so.

jen said...

It takes a lot to offend me but now I realize I want one of those!!!

NKOTB is in the mail heading your way!!

Erin said...

ha! i think it helps you realize what it's for!:)

Anonymous said...

i want one

PippaD said...

Last Christmas my MIL gave me an apron which had a little topiary tree on it which would just be over my own little topiary... it said "Keep your bush nice and tidy". I thought it was amusing, more so as I knew she had no clue what it meant and it was only a week later that her husband let her in on the joke.

I thought the advert was clever and subtle and my MIL still wouldn't get it!