Sunday, March 8, 2009

My sista

My sister sent me this fill-in-the-blank thing. The object is that I answer the questions and send back to her. Many of the questions are just stupid, but I like my sister, so I did it anyway.

  1. Where did we meet? I was three. You were a newborn. I suppose we met at the hospital where you were born. I don't remember. All I can remember is when you were two and you bit me.
  2. Take a stab at my middle name? This question is dumb. Your middle name is Lynn. If I ever have a girl, that will be her middle name.
  3. Do I speak a second language? Yeah right.
  4. Am I a cat lover or dog lover? Another stupid question. You are obsessed with dogs. You are allergic to cats.
  5. Do I smoke? You used to do this when you drank (alcohol). I think you were just trying to be cool.
  6. Color of my eyes? Blue. Which is strange because no one else in our immediate family has blue eyes. Maybe you have a different father.
  7. Do I have any siblings? I am your sister. Your one and only.
  8. What's one of my favorite things to do? Sleep.
  9. What's my favorite type of music? Pop 40 crap.
  10. Am I taller than you? We are the same exact height. We have the same exact body type, except that I'm fatter than you.
  11. Am I shy or outgoing? You are way outgoing.
  12. Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules? You are more of a rebel than I am.
  13. What is my birth month? June.
  14. Do I want to see a woman or man as next president? Um, you voted for a man.
  15. I am a member of which political party? None.
  16. Am I Liberal? Moderate? or Conservative? Moderate. Who cares? Why is this even a question?
  17. Have you ever heard me sing? You only sing well when you are singing church songs.
  18. How many children do I have? Biologically? None. In Cambodia, you have 16 children. In the U.S., you have Henry. Technically he is my son, but you treat him as if he were your own. Except that you spoil him more than I do.
  19. Have we taken photographs together? When you were in 3rd grade, you had really long and luscious hair. I made you dress up, curl your hair, and wear lip gloss while posing on the front porch. I took pictures of you pretending like you were a model. You never became a model. Photo session FAIL.
  20. When is the last time you saw me? Yesterday.
  21. When will I see you again? Today.
  22. Have we ever had a falling out? This is the dumbest question so far.
  23. If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing that I would bring? Hans (assuming I brought Henry).
  24. Am I right handed or left handed? Right.
  25. What type of work do I do? Hair therapy.


Anonymous said...

your funny...thanks for playing my stupid game :)