Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Humiliation as Punishment?

Central Ohioans, did you hear this story:

Players punished, but some say it went too far.
It happened during a basketball practice at Washington Courthouse High School in Fayette County.
The school district says two students were told to hold hands and run around the basketball court as punishment for fighting at practice.
While that's happening, other students appear to be poking fun at the boys.
The school's Superintendent Keith Brown says the boys chose to run laps as punishment and the only thing inappropriate is the foul language.
Meantime, no disciplinary action will be taken until the school's athletic director reviews the video.

I could not find the embed code, so to see the video, click here.

Here's my reaction:

  1. Did the boys choose to hold hands or where they told to hold hands? If they were told to hold hands, I believe that is inappropriate.
  2. Why did no one stop the other boys from yelling inappropriate comments and foul language at the boys? It is the adults responsibility to express their intolerance for such behavior.
  3. Yes, the boys should have been punished for fighting. If that means running laps, fine. But running laps while holding hands and receiving ugly comments - not fine.
What are your thoughts?


Sarah said...

My guess is that it's a variation of the punishment for kids - your kids are fighting, make 'em hold hands and make nice. Which is fine - cuz THEY ARE SIBLINGS.

I don't know. Running laps, yeah. Holding hands? Is that person that out of touch with reality that he wouldn't realize what kind of comments that would leave them target to?