Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A long list of randoms

A friend tagged me on facebook.

I'm to answer a list of 100 random questions. That's too many for me to even think about, so I'll break them down.

Here are five, for today.

Don't hesitate to answer them for yourself! I'd love to hear your responses.

  1. Last beverage: Diet Coke
  2. Last phone call: My sister - no surprise there
  3. Last text message: Sent - to my sister (about Mom's cooking; to protect the innocent, I'll leave out the details); Received - A DM from twitter (only those who tweet will know what that means)
  4. Last song you listened to: "You Raise Me Up" on 104.9, The River
  5. Last time you cried: Crap, I can't remember. I almost cried yesterday when our basement pipe busted, but instead I just yelled at my husband. He's a good man. He takes a lot of hormonal pregnancy beatings.


Anonymous said...

Here is mine:
1. corona light with lime
2. you
3.Camp telling me about her bathroom issues
4.flo rida
5.the other day due to pure hormonal issues